Side effects of eating dry fruits – 5 disadvantage of dry fruits

Side effects of eating dry fruits :- Hello friends Dry fruits are the fruits from which water content can be removed. By removing water content we can use these fruits for a long time and it called dry fruits. dry fruits are mostly used for the intake many kinds of vitamins and nutrition in the human body. well in most countries we saw that mothers give their children dry fruit for their better health.


and in India, we see that during any festival season or any kind of function dry fruits can be given to each other as a gift. Dry fruits are healthy for anyone’s health.


Nowadays most of the dietitians and health experts also suggest eating dry fruits for weight gain or weight loss and for other vitamins which were needed by our body on a daily basis. because of Dry fruits so many calories, fats, vitamins and many more things are taken to the body. which can make your body more healthy as well. some dry fruits also carry a lot of water content which is more healthy. There are so many kinds of dry fruits available for example Almond, Cashews, Pistachios, raisins, apricots, Dates, Dry figs and walnuts etc.


Side effects of eating dry fruits


Even though so many benefits for health like increasing body weight, making your health improve, making memories sharp, and giving you a better look and better hair but except that Dry fruits also have some side Effects.


which can make you unhealthy if you eat this is on the wrong way or in the wrong quantity. If you eat much more quantity in a limited period of time. Because of this, it is important to eat dry fruits in a limited quantity and fix time. because if you can eat more quantity. it was more unhealthy. so here we are telling you how much quantity you intake of dry fruits. and the right quantity is 5- 6 dry fruits in a day.


You all know the benefits of dry fruits. So here we also explain to you some side effects of dry fruits.


Side effects of dry fruits


Here we tell you what side effects you can face when you eat more quantity of dry fruits. according to research and medical staff, you can 5-6 dry fruits in a day. Eating this much quantity of dry fruits can make you healthy and help your body to become more efficient and more flexible.


1 – Increasing body weight


Side effects of eating dry fruits


Eating too many dry fruits increasing our body weight. Researchers who research for so many years and find out that if you eat just 250 calories from Dry fruits then you can get two pounds of weight in one month. but if you can eat 3500 calories in a month normally then you can gain only one pound in a month. Dry fruit can give you a sudden weight increment. which was not healthy for a normal human being


and it also increases some health issues like obesity high blood pressure etc. That’s why this is more important to take a limited quantity of dry fruits, which was cannot affect your health badly.


2 – Dry fruit causes tooth decay


Well as you know there are so many kinds of dry fruit. Of so many kinds of dry fruit, there are some Dry fruits which are sticky in nature. and this stickiness of Dry fruit can harm our health. So if you eat Dry fruits then this sickness becomes trouble for getting its pits out from your tooth. According to Medical Sciences if any kind of food is stuck on your teeth then it creates bacteria which causes the problem called tooth decay.


3 – Dry fruit causes asthma


When making fruits to dry fruit there was a process. which was going through Sulphur dioxide. A normal human being can consume approx 20 MG per day. If you intake more quantity of Sulphur dioxide than 20 MG in the human body. then it can cause asthma or any kind of allergic reaction, skin rashes on each and every individual. Food safety and food experts said that if you want to be a normal human being then you also need to consume around 20 MG sulphur dioxide in your food.


There are some dry fruits which are very rich in sulphur dioxide and they can harm your health very much. so if you want to eat Dry fruits then you take them in a very limited quantity approx 5 to 6 pieces per day.


4 – Dry fruits causes the gastrointestinal problem, bloating, and constipation.


As we all know Dry fruits are rich very rich in fibre. Fibre is responsible for a bowel movements and smooth blood flow. If a person consumes more quantity of fibre in their body they can find so many problems in their stomach. So much quantity of fibre can make diseases like bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, cramps and many more problems.


if a person can eat more and more quantity then they find out that they have a big intestinal problem. And they can also lead to the problem of overconsumption of food. One research said that if you consume dry fruits over a period then in more quantity it can be a big risk to your health.


5 – Dry fruits cause a sugar crash


Dry fruits are also fruits which have natural sugar in them. So if you intake big quantity of dry fruit then you also intake a large amount of sugar in your body. According to the excerpts report, Dry fruits also have high glycaemic. This can quickly increase blood sugar levels and spike energy levels. Because of this increased blood sugar level and a spike in energy level then people can suffer from high blood pressure and sugar too. which can be even more healthy for normal human beings.


6 – Dry fruits also increase weight


As we all know that dry fruits also have the largest amount of calories. If you intake take any amount of dry fruit then you intake also much more quantity of calories. which are the main reasons for increasing your body weight. if you can eat 250 calories in one week from dry fruits then you can gain up to 2-pound weight in only one month. Weight increment by dry fruits is also unhealthy. because it can increase your body weight very fastly. which was not good for a normal human body.


Here we told you what is the side effect of Dry fruits. which we consume on daily basis. if we can consume more quantity which our body can manage, then the human body can face so many problems and issues on their body. The human body suffers because of dry fruits. in India and other countries, it was thought that Dry fruits are only can help us build our health much better but these side effects were known by only a few people. who is in very low amounts in India in other countries?


How many dry fruits should be eaten in 1 day 


Now you know better what’s good for your health. so if you want to eat Dry fruits then you can eat 5-6 pieces per day. Which makes your health stronger and helps your body to grow better. but if you want to eat more quantity or more amount of dry fruits or you are having a craving for dry fruit or you are a big foodie. then you consult a doctor before having more quantity of dry fruits in your food.


because as we mentioned in this article that what problems you can face when you are eating more quantity of Dry fruits. even eating 5 – 6 Dry fruits on daily basis then also you need to eat this in a proper way or at a fixed time. which can help you to build yourself.


Be careful 


Nowadays some dietitians, doctors and researchers (who are doing research on food) also said that if you are intake dry fruits then you need medical counselling before you decide on the number of Dry fruits in the food you intake. in the olden days, it was said that you need to eat Dry fruit for having a very good body, active body but nowadays it wasn’t said by anyone. because of the making process, dry fruits are going through some chemical processes also. which was not healthy for normal people not for senior citizens or children.

So it was also a reason because of doctors and other medical staff can say to avoid more quantity of dry fruits.


The bottom lines 


Here we told you all the details about eating more quantity of dry fruits. Now you can aware of the side effects of eating dry fruits. then you can decide how much quantity you can eat. if you found this article useful then please like, comment and share it. If you have any questions or any kind of queries then please mention in the comment we are trying to solve your queries.


and please share this article with your friends if there is any mistake in the articles so you can tell us we will try to correct the mistake.


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