How to Gain weight at Home -Gain weight with 7 safely

How to Gain weight at home with safely and surely


Hello and welcome friends to our new article. Here we are telling you about how to gain weight at home. Well, there are so many reasons because of which someone’s body weight cannot be gained or they become underweight. That reason might be any kind of health issues like, if there is any kind of medical problem, poor nutrition or being pregnant, is also a reason of being underweight. and if you are underweight it is also a big problem for your health. Because your body becomes very weak when you lose weight or you have underweighted.


Every human body needs a healthy weight which makes you more healthy, and more comfortable and helps to achieve your goal and for being successful in your life. So here we are telling you about some reasons why you don’t get you are gaining weight. Here we also told you about how to gain weight at home in a very short period of time by being healthy.


How to Gain weight at Home - Gain weight with 7 safely ways


There are so many ways to gain weight at home faster and faster. If you are trying to gain weight you have to know why you want to gain weight. Accept this you also know that you don’t have any health issues because in the way of gaining weight there are so many proteins and vitamins are consumed by you, which can affect some medical conditions. when you are in like any such medical condition just avoid consuming that food.


For gaining weight what you want to do is: –


Here we are telling you a healthy way to gain your weight.


Note:-  whole information is only for educational purposes if you are using it for health so please consult with your doctor. we will not responsible for any side effects.


1 – Eat more food in a day


How to Gain weight at Home - Gain weight with 7 safely ways


For gaining weight you don’t have to eat food once, twice or thrice in a day. you have to eat at least five to six times in a day. and you need to eat a small – small quantity of food which contains each and every protein and vitamin which was needed to gain weight.


Here we want to mention one thing if you want to gain weight never ever drink water before having food. because when your drink water you feel full of stomach. Low food quantity can reduce your body’s capacity to gain weight. So if you want to gain weight and become healthy then drink water at least 30 minutes after having food.


2 – You want to eat foods that contain nutrition and protein


When if you want to gain weight then you have to eat foods that contain large amounts of protein, carbs, and fats. This kind of food helps your body to make new cells which can help us to gain our body weight. There are so many foods like paneer, soya chunks, rice, red meat, nuts, and nut butter, whole grain bread, starches(potatoes, corn, quinoa, beans, oats, legumes, whole grain cereals) fruits, and milk or any other dairy products, which contains so many nutrition. Even we can say that these all are a source of nutrition. by taking these foods you gain your weight faster.


3 – Choose supplements or vitamins available on the market


Nowadays there are so many supplements and vitamins available on market. These kinds of supplements and vitamins help people to gain weight faster. If you are not able to eat food in a very short period or much more times in a day, then only you take the help of this kind of supplements and vitamins. These can complete your protein on vitamins of your day and help to increase your weight.


If possible then just eat natural foods. natural foods contain a natural source of vitamins and proteins. Plus point of natural foods is there are no side effect them but any kind of Vitamins or supplements which you take for the long term shows some side effects. which can affect your health after some time. and read carefully please consult with your doctor before taking supplements.


4 – Eat extra calories and count every bite which you eat


For gaining weight you have to eat extra calories in a day. extra calories mean you have to eat much quantity of calories from which calories you burn in a day. And counting your every bite means that you need to eat a complete food that contains protein, vitamins, carbs, starches, and fat. In the process of gaining weight, you need to take each and every vitamins because these all are an important factors that helps to gain weight.


5 – Don’t drink or smoke


Yes, friends drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes are also reasons for not increasing your weight. because these all contain very harmful chemicals which affect our body and immune system very badly. because of alcohol or cigarette, our body’s immune system becomes weaker and cannot be able to manage our bodies work properly. This is the reason why a person can not get their weight increasing.


6 – You can eat salmon, dry fruits, avocado, cereal bars, fats and oils, and dark chocolate


  • Salmon:– You need to eat at least 6 ounces of salmon which contains 240 calories. Solomon is an easy source of Omega 3 and protein too.
  • Dry fruits:- Dry fruits are a rich source of nutrition and calories too. if you can take one-quarter cup of dry fruit then you intake at least 130 calories in a day.
  • Avocado:- Avocado is a big source of calories and fat. it also contains high-quality of vitamins and minerals.

These kind of cereal bars had a large amount of vitamins and minerals in various form.These kinds of bars are made with whole grain, nuts and fruits. which are healthier.


whole grain cereals contain carbohydrate and sugar.

Fats and oils are big sources of protein calcium and calories. If you want to gain weight then you have to take this in your food.

Dark chocolate also contains high calories and fat, but the main advantage of dark chocolate as It contains antioxidants. antioxidants can detoxify your body and help to gain weight. When you want to eat dark chocolate you have to keep one thing in your mind which was that when you buy Chocolate then you have to check that chocolate contains at least 70% of cacao.


7 – Drink less water and always drink after having food.


If you are trying to gain weight then you have to drink a minimum quantity of water. You never ever drink water before you have food. if you want to drink more water then have it after food. because when you drink water before food then you feel like your hunger was a little bit fulfilled. If you feel like this you can not be able to eat more food


and you eat less quantity of food. that’s why you can not be able to intake more calories. Because of this, you won’t be able to increase your weight. so the best option was to drink water after food.


These are some ways to increase your body weight, but before trying any of all these you need to know that you don’t have any kind of health issue or any kind of allergy from any of these foods or proteins, or vitamins. If you are sure that you are fit for this kind of diet then you can start eating all of these, and you can see the Result as soon as possible. but please once consult with your doctor. and if you are following this diet for at least one month you can get your weight for sure.


How to Gain weight at Home - Gain weight with 7 safely ways


Besides all these options you have to exercise daily. Exercises like deadlifts, squats, barbell rows, dips, and pull-ups. You can easily do these exercises at your home. if you need a guide for all these exercises then you can take the help of YouTube channels. videos available on Youtube can guide you at your home without charging any amount or fees. This kind of exercise helps to Detox your body and help to gain weight.


The second reason for doing exercise is when doing exercise you can feel more hungry and if you feel more hungry then you can eat much more quantity of food intake. Much quantity of food had much more calories which help to increase your body weight. here we told you about all the methods and foods which help you to gain weight at home. you have to be a little bit careful when you are doing exercise at home.


when you start to exercise you can feel a little amount of pain in the body but don’t worry it was just for 2-4 days. After 2 to 4 days your body becomes comfortable with this exercise so that you don’t feel any kind of pain in your body. During this period of 2 to 4 days try to do not to take any kind of pain killer balm or Tablet for your body pain.




So friends here we told you all things about how to gain weight at home. All these kinds of food are easily available on the market which you can buy easily. exercises are often easy to do at home. If you are Following all these you just see the Results in a few days. But before trying any of these you need to prepare mentally for doing exercises or for having food which you have to intake.


You have to maintain your diet continuously for at least a few months until you get your weight increases the much which you want. You try all these for at least for one month then if you saw the results in the month then you can continue it until you reach your goal. if you are happy with our article just like, comment, and share it.


note:-  the whole information in the article is only for educational purposes. but if you are using it for health so please take the doctor’s advice and then include these in your diet.


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