Benefits of eating amla on empty stomach – who should not eat amla

Hello and welcome friends in our new this article we are going to tell you benefits of eating amla on empty stomach and who should not eat amla. So the first question arises what is Amla. Amla is Indian gooseberry. We should call that Indian gooseberry also known as  amla. Amla is a fruit tree. which grows on across all over India and other parts of Asia also. There are so many trees and plants are available which help for medical treatment. this kind of plants or trees are called antioxidant plants and trees.


Amla is also a tree which had so many qualities. Which should be help to fight so many disease. here we are informing you about what is Amla and what are the qualities of Amla.


First we tell you that what is Amla ?


Benefits of eating amla on empty stomach - who should not eat amla


As we mentioned above that Amla is a kind of Indian gooseberry. Amla was known as gooseberry in general but if we goes to scientific names than Amla known as ” phyllanthus emblic ”  and ” Emblica officinalis” Amla is a Hindi name.


Amla tree looks like


Amla trees are small trees. Its height was across 20 to 25 feet. This plant has yellow green flowers all over the plants which converted into fruits which called Amla. Amla colour also yellow green. Flower and fruit have same colour which are yellow green. Amla fruits are very small inside its look like a golf ball which are in yellow green colour.


How’s Amla taste


Amlas taste A little bit bitter. It was also sout and astringent. Normal ways we can say that Amla taste is like khatta Meetha taste. As we know Amla was a fruit tree which help to resolve so many health issues. Amla fruits are full of Vitamin C which can help to reduce health issues and heart diseses. Amla juice also made from Amla. here we explain you about some benefits of Amla and Amla juice.


Benefits of eating Amla on empty stomach


Note :-  This information is only for educational purpose but if you are using for health so please consult with your doctor. and we will not responsible for any side effect.


1 – As we told you that Amla is a rich source of vitamin C 


Amla contains 600 to 700 MG Vitamin C in each and every fruit. If you are Consuming Amla daily for a short time period then also you can protect yourself from so many diseases like a normal cold or cough. Vitamin C is water soluble vitamin. You can also feel relieved from stress and its also effective for animals health too.


In one research which was held on animals it was found that Vitamin C which are included in Amla fruit product again oxidative stress but it couldn’t be proved on humans till now.


2 – Improve liver health also


One research was organised on reds where some scientists give them Amla juice daily was discovered that Amla juice can their metabolism which can prevent them from fructose-induced fatty liver disease. This disease was dangerous for liver. these diseases make liver not to work properly. This juice can only make digestion improved not it can help you to reduce your weight or fat. This can help you to fight with your liver issues because of its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties. which are necessary for human bodies or another other animals.


This research was held on animals still not on humans. According to science which experiments are successful on rats that was also successful for humans.


3 – Amla juice also improved digestion capacity 


Therefore some researches are done with 68 peoples whom had (GERD) Gastroesphageal reflex disease. The doctor gave them to Amla tablets of 500mg for continuous 4 weeks. doctors found so much improvement on their health and they also found that tablet can heartburn and regular regurgitation also become more stronger.


4 – Increases the capacity of healthy heart


Disadvantages of jun food


Before a few days there was a research held. where the researcher take 98 people for their research, these people have abnormal blood lipid levels and high level of cholesterol and LDL problem. After giving them 500 mg Amla 2 times in a day aur we should say that 1000mg Amla per day. then the result was after 12 weeks is that, they have no issues of like this kind of issues. means they 98 people have no cholesterol, no LDL and no abnormal blood lipid levels.


Another research also prove that if anyone consumed Amla daily then their health found 39% reduction of atherogenic index of Plasma compared with a control group. It means those people’s are able to build up their health more stronger to fight with cholesterol and artehries.


Amla also controls the blood pressure. which also a factor which can lead for heart related problem. Now a days so many persons are facing blood pressure related problem. which can be controlled by medicines. but if you can take Amla juice aur Amla powder properly then blood pressure can be controlled in a short time.


Some more researches are also happened on Amla. The researchers said that Amla has the power to control overweight or obesity which help us to control cholesterol levels and inflammation. So because of Amla all issues which are related to our heart or which are affect our heart are controlled. This help us to make our heart healthy and help us to leave healthy life.


5 – Amla also help us for our hair growth 


benefits of eating amla on an empty stomach


Well as you all know and believe that hair is the most important part of our look. So what happen if I said Amla is a blessing for your hair. So if you love your hair then you have to eat Amla properly. if possible then eat it daily or drink its juice. you can choose its tablet also. Amla is very helpful for our hair growth. Amla also care for our hair and help them to grow and made them more silky.


Now you are thinking that how can Amla help us for our hair growth or make our hair more silky. I am telling you that if you can use Amla at least for 90 days continuously then you see the result more Faster. Even one study was held on 42 peoples, said that if you can use Amla serum on your hair or eat Amla or Amla powder or drink Amla juice then you can see the result more faster. because Amla blocked specific enzyme who are helping to hair loss. and because of this hair cannot be grow properly which are main reason of hair fall


and second reason is that Amla contain so many nutritions and antioxidants and Vitamin C. which are also much more important for our hairs health. and because of all this our hair become stronger and stronger. and this Amla also help our hair very much to grow properly.


6 – Amla improve Kidneys health also


Yes friends you are reading right, I said Amla helps Kidneys health also. As we all know that kidney is an organ in human body. which helps to detoxify our body properly. this helps us to clean our body by flush out or urine. because Amla contains antioxidant content. and Dr said that if any element which contains antioxidants element help us to improve kidneys health. Amla help us to fight against some kind of issues which are being in kidney. This Amla has to prevent us for any kind of kidney dysfunction and reducing oxidative stress.


Here we told you about some Benefits of Amla, amla juice and Amla powder. If you want to live a healthy life then you should 1 Amla in your food. So here we are telling you about how to make amla juice at home.


How to make amla juice at home :-


Amla juice are available on market very easily and in a affordable price range. If you want to make amla juice at home you need to just follow some steps and you also need a little quantity of ingredients which help to make us Amla juice.


Benefits of eating amla on empty stomach - who should not eat amla


So firstly we tell you that what are the ingredients needed for making Amla juice.


1 – Indian gooseberry or Amla
2 – water
3 – ginger
4 – black pepper
5 – honey
6 – sea salt
7 – blender


If you have all the ingredients then you need to follow the steps are –


1 – you need atleast five pieces of Amla and for five pieces of Amla you need atleast one cup of water. if you want measurement then you need 5 gooseberries or Amla then chopped it and add 250 to 500ml water on it.


2 – add gooseberries or Amla and water on that and blender. blend it very well.


3 – when Amla and water are blend then you can add Honey, black pepper, sea salt and Ginger in it also. But these ingredients depends on your choice, these are not necessary. If you want then you can add all this and if you don’t want to then you can drink plane Amla juice.


4 – Here your juice is ready, but Amla also contains pulps. so you need an strainer for getting strain out pulps from the juice.Inly then you can drink the juice.


Here we told you how to make amla juice. There was one problem that Amla juice can made fresh only. You can put it on refrigerator for 4 to 6 days but after it cannot be useful. it cannot be drink after some days without adding some chemicals on it. this kind of chemicals preserve the quality of Amla and help juice to still healthy for a long time.


Amla is mostly seasonal food. which can available so many places of India in a limited season. so they cannot be able to make amla juice in all the times. so if you want to drink Amla juice all time then you can buy from the market. Amla juice, which are available on market on regional price.


Who should not eat amla ?


Here we told you about all the healthy things of Amla. but Amla could not be healthy for all peoples. so here we tell you that who should not eat Amla. Some people who have any kind of this problem they could not eat Amla or drink Amla juice.


Peoples who are suffering from hyperacidity-


Peoples who are suffering from hyperacidity they are strictly prohibited by doctor from eating Amla aur from drinking Amla juice. because Vitamin C which is available on Amla in a heigh quantity can make more acid on your stomach and you feel more uneasy.


Peoples who are suffering from any kind of blood related disorders –


If you or any person,in your contact are suffering from any kind of blood related disorder, then he or she have to stopped eating Amla or Indian gooseberry. because Amla has antiplatelet properties which can prevent the formation of blood clots. This platelet property make our blood more thinner. which cannot be healthy for a person who have any kind of blood related problems.


If you are facing blood sugar problem then you immediately avoid Amla.


Any kind of surgery was done on you. you are strictly prohibited by doctor from eating Amla.


Womens who are pregnant also can not eat Amla and drink Amla juice.


If you are a mother who are breastfeeding to their child, you also can not eat Amla or drink Amla juice.


If you have dry scalp for dry skin problem then also you need to avoid Amla aur Amla juice.


Right time of eating amla


Guys the right time of eating amla is empty stomach in the morning time and never you should eat amal at night if you will eat then you will have to face side effects and don’t eat amla at excessive quantity.


How many amla should we eat at 1 day


only 1 to 2 amla we should eat at 1 day this is the right quantity of eating amla if you are eating more quantity of amla then you will have to face side effects so do not consume more quantity of amla and eat the right quantity of amla.




Here we told you that Benefits of eating amla and who should drink or who should not drink Amla juice. We also mentioned here who can not eat Amla. we added here qualities of Amla and also we add how to make amla juice. So I think that we provide all the details about Amla and Amla juice and who should not drink Amla juice and eat Amla, but if you still have any query


then you can ask us by comment on this article. we are waiting for your comments, which help us to make better. Then just like,comment and share.


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